Grandma Rachel

Grandma Rachel is officially the first of the farmers in the Copley family. She would have been Ken’s Great Grandma. Robert says he can remember her as one of his first memories but she passed before he was born – spooky! However, the story goes that she started the farm with a solitary cow and a pig at the North Featherstone Farm, she was quite a character by all accounts! She had all her faculties up until six months before she passed. She was always one for a joke and would get up and dance at Christmas parties with a top hat on. Janet could tell a few stories but they couldn’t go up on the website! Catch her in Moo Café for the inside track.


A E Copley & Ducket

E Copley and A Duckett had the farm at the back of Purston Park. They used to grow about 300 acres of peas. Many of the peas went down to London overnight with Ackworth Transport. It was pea growing that got them going. That land today is farmed by Jeff and Alan Copley, who you will often see in the Farm Shop and are close family. There was plenty of labour for pea pulling and the housewives of the time liked freshly podded peas for cooking.


E Copley & Sons

E Copley and Sons – Earnest, Robert’s Grandfather, Ken (always in Moo telling the tale) and his brother Richard. David, the youngest brother forged a career in advertising and marketing. There were two farms, the first, Park Field was where the boys were all born and bred, they milked here. Later Earnest brought Ravensknowle, the farm that the Copley’s farm today. The story goes that when Millie (Ken’s mother) was a child, she sat under the tree in the field above the farm shop and said to herself ‘ohhh I’d love to live here.’ She was eight years old. Little did she know that when she was in her late teens she would meet and fall in love with Earnest and the rest, as they say, is history.