Herb Fed Free-Range Yorkshire Bronze Turkey


Herb Fed Free Range Bronze Turkeys – The perfect addition to any Christmas table!

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Our Herb Fed Free Range Bronze Turkeys are £15.99 per kg.

We are unable to start/stop them growing so we have a 2lb tolerance on ordering, so our online price is half way between each size. We will get your order as close to this as possible, although it may be more/less.

If you need help working our which size Turkey you will need, just check our guide below.

All Herb Fed turkeys are individually boxed with vacuum packed giblets, cooking instructions, a packet of fresh Christmas herbs & a recipe card for your ‘Perfect Christmas Stuffing’.

Whole Bird 

  • 4-5kg (9-11lb) feeds 5-7 people.
  • 5-6kg (11-13lb) feeds 7-10 people.
  • 6-7kg (13-15lb) feeds 10-12 people.
  • 7-8kg (15-18lb) feeds 12-14 people.
  • 8-9kg (18-20lb) feeds 14-16 people.
  • 9-10kg (18-20lb) feeds 16-18 people.

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4kg-5kg (9-11lb), 5kg-6kg (11-13lb), 6kg-7kg (13-15lb), 7kg-8kg (15-18lb), 8kg-9kg (18-20lb), 9kg-10kg (20-22lb), 10kg-11kg (22-24lb), 11kg-12kg (24-26lb)

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