Copleys Kitchen

Copleys Kitchen is our very own bespoke built production kitchen, to provide you with the best Yorkshire jam, gelato & honey amongst many other delights. It’s all made right here on site, whether it is from our team or our bees, you are in for a treat!


Since 2010, when Rob & Heather Copley visited Intercourse, Pennsylvania in the US and saw the amazing jam kitchen they had over there, Rob wanted to bring this concept back across the pond to the UK.

Finally after 13 years that dream has come true!

Watch the jams, curds, marmalades, pickles & sauces made in front of your eyes, taste what’s on offer and treat yourself to a jar or two, because we are passionate about knowing what you are eating and where it comes from…


Claudio is one of the best gelato makers in the UK and we are so proud he is part of the Copleys team. Come and see how it the magic is made and taste the ever changing flavours, alongside our core range.

Have a flavour recommendation? Get in touch and we’ll try our best to make it happen…


With the help of Mr Flatman, we have introduced beehives to the farm, trained our farm team to be beekeepers. This has allowed us to extract our very own honey from the hives, spin it right here in Copleys Kitchen & jar it for you to take home. It is delicious!

We will eventually increase to 35 beehives on site, so our honey is readily available for you.