It’s Asparagus Season here at Farmer Copleys. The season is quite a short one, only running from April until June. Heather is here to show us with help from Elfie, the Jack Russell.

Fresh asparagus is completely different to the packs you buy in the supermarket with a fantastic flavour. We recommend pairing it with a delicious hollandaise sauce – simply beautiful!

We’ll have our homemade recipes on our breakfast specials and on the lunch menu in Moo Café too.

So, how do we pick our stems from the field? Our farm team head up to the field each morning with a knife and a box to collect all of the asparagus that has grown. It really is incredible and can grow between 4 and 6 inches each day. If you have enough time, it’s said you can even watch it growing!

It is said to have many benefits and you can see the Top 5 Health Benefits below:

Supports gut health

May ease hangovers

A rich source of folate

May help relieve inflammatory conditions

May lower blood pressure

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