After the installation of our glass beehive in our farm shop, all we were talking about at Farmer Copleys was bees and how amazing they were and vital to the survival of us humans.

This made us think how we could spread this message and inform people about the Bees and how important a role it is they play. From this our Little Bees Workshop was born!

Last Saturday, with the help of our beekeeper Ivor Flatman, we aimed to deliver an interactive yet informative workshop to teach children (and their adults) all about Bees. We included various activities including making candles out of Beeswax and making a Bee-friendly plant pot as well as tasting lots of lovely honey related products in the farm shop.

There was the opportunity to try on beekeepers’ outfits, learn about their special tools as well as an interactive quiz sheet for the children to learn many facts about Bees. Heather was also on hand to demonstrate our glass beehive, especially the ‘waggle dance’.

We all had a fantastic day and by the looks of it, so did everyone who came. You can find some kind words below…


We had an absolutely BRILLIANT time! Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful event

We had a really great time this morning. The girls loved all the activities. Please do more like this in future. Great times and absolutely amazing value for money! The girls loved the food and had me buying cheesecakes and ice creams! 10 out of 10 from us today

Fantastic morning – Thank you… Ethan loved Heathers facts about bees at the glass beehive and tasting all the yummy Honey

Excellent way to spend a Saturday morning. My daughter’s favourite activity was the candle making